Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 MORE stocks showing unusual MONEY volume with no price movement...yet

Last week I gave you ten stocks that were showing unusual volume activity but hadn't changed so much in price yet.

Well I though't I'd try and back up my post last week with some results a week later. Below is the one week performance of the stocks I said might rise.

               close(3/23)  close(3/30)
SNBC------3.30------------3.58------ + 8%
PZZI  ------2.00------------2.05------ +3%
OVRL------2.32------------2.18------ -6%
PSMT------33.86------------36.57------ +8%
HBHC------32.47------------33.00------ +2%
HA     ------6.07------------5.99------ -1%
GPOR------32.58------------35.41------ +9%
EEI    ------20.16------------18.87------ -6%
PLAB------8.08------------8.91------ + 9%
WTSLA----3.55------------4.18------ + 18%

As you can see, their performance was quite impressive, with an average gain of 4.4%! For comparison the Nasdaq gained just 1.3% over that same time.

So this week I thought I'd do it again and give you ten more stocks showing unusual activity, with no price movement. This time, I'll try and improve on the measure a bit and make the assumption that increased volume isn't exactly what we're looking for, but increased money flowing into the stock is what we're looking for. Therefore I'll modify my metric from last week and change:

volume --> volume*price

or, in other words, how much money is exactly going into a stock. I believe this is a more accurate gauge of unusual activity because volume can be artificially inflated it the price falls, but a measure of pure money going into the stock accounts for this. Everything else remains the same, and for this week here is what the computer program picks up...

 Symbol     Money STDs above normal      Price STDs above normal 
PANL               16.5906                                        0.706   
MBND             13.7489                                        0.7927   
ACHN              10.2386                                       0.6756   
GFRE                8.7188                                        -0.002   
MSHL               7.4808                                        0.3453   
ACTG               7.4762                                       -0.4468  
VRGY               7.0326                                       -0.0187   
ISIG                   6.125                                          0.2311   
MITSY              5.7848                                        0.2481   
BSPM               5.7789                                         0.604

As usual, no promises, and don't make any investment decisions purely on my calculations. Do your own research.

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